My thoughts about discussions between atheists and people of faith
October 12, 2017 - 23:15:19
Whenever I watch discussions between those of faith and those who are atheists, humanists, 'non-believers' or whatever you want to call them... I often notice how both parties will try to utilize as much of their knowledge as they possibly can. And you end up listening to endless, boring conversations that are completely pointless to begin with. I doubt any participant or viewer will be easily convinced to think otherwise. The devil lies in the details, I amusingly think to myself a lot.

And, there is no need for anyone to be an arrogant twat who mocks the other side in front of their own similar thinking audience. I find that rather pathetic.

In my opinion you don't need all of that knowledge to show just how strange, how wrong or even how crazy religion can be... And, how wonderfully and crazily different we human beings generally can be, including myself.

Take islam for instance: As far I understand; the entire faith is based on the testimonies of one single man. One single man who went into a cave alone to pray and who then claims to have been visited in that cave by an angel named Gabriel who revealed to him the word of God.

Now I seriously doubt this or any faith would crumble to dust if that one important event would turn out to be false. But I find it bizarre that such an enormous amount of people firmly believe in this story in spite all of the many reasons to raise questions about it.

And don't you dare question that story, let alone the man himself. Don't you dare wonder if he did this for his own personal gains or actually really was sincere and simply wanted to be that shining example because he truly believed his own teachings. I have met many sincere people in my life who truly believed in this goodness, in his goodness. I am sure he could possibly have been a really sincere and good man or at least think that he was.

But if a person today would stand up and claim the very same thing happened to them, most of us wouldn't believe them, or would we? What makes that particular man or event any different? Because there really isn't any difference, is there? Except maybe for the fact that by now, the older story feels like it has way more merit to it than this lonely loon on the corner of your local shopping street.

There's actually places in the world where people will kill you for questioning their faith or their prophet. And the bitter irony is that it never really is God punishing these sinners or apostates, but always other people: They basically think they do His work but never really got the 'OK' from the man upstairs. The worst ones are those who actually do think they got an 'OK' but all they really heard was the rattling of their own dysfunctional brain. And their motivation and approval is all taken from their misinterpreted man-written scripture.

And don't you dare shake the foundations of their faith, don't you dare make them think about whatever is in their head already to begin with. Their entire life could be built around the imagination, the lies or even the ill intent of one or a few people who thought of a way to control the masses. I am not saying it is like this, I'm saying it is a possibility. But it seems really hard for people to allow even that small amount of space in their thinking.

I'm not afraid to admit that I could be wrong, but what worries me is the people who are so damn convinced about their views in spite of all the clear evidence that there's something not quite right.

Regardless of who you are; most of us have a relatively well functioning brain. We should have the freedom to make up our own mind about the world and life itself. Why do we need other people to tell us about this imaginary God in the sky? Why on earth does He not simply speak to you or me directly? And if you do hear a voice in your head, is that Him or simply you being schizophrenic or a bit too hopeful with all of your imagination. You'd almost think that God is a ventriloquist, and a damn skilled one too. Bollocks if you ask me. Complete, utter nonsense.

Or take Heaven: Heaven is another example of our inability to deal with the harsh reality of life: People die, but we can't live with that. And we can't live with the idea that we will die too some day. So we choose to believe that we are somehow transported to another place where we live happily forever. I really think a lot of us can not deal with how unfair life really is.

But the evidence stares us in the face every day.
And I know just how easily our brain can be fooled. Richard Dawkins himself admitted he has false memories about certain events in his life. Even scripture endlessly mentions just how imperfect we are. But yet people are often judged by those very same imperfect people. And yet we believe the testimonies of many prophets and other figures in history despite knowing how fallible their and our brains can be.

Believe me ;-) , there are many moments where I actually wonder about a God, but there is absolutely nothing that even remotely convinces me that there is one right now. It's all based on our own imagination, thoughts and feelings, and of many people before us.

We really don't need an abundance of facts and fiction bundled together in endless volumes written by many human beings like us to realize that there's something fishy about scripture, and about religion. And I really don't think that if there is a God that we need another person to tell us about His existence. The very fact that our world is cluttered with many different religions and interpretations should say enough.

Make up your own mind about it.
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